July 1995 IEPG Meeting

Location: KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

Date: Sunday, 17 July 1995

Meeting Chair: Havard Eidnes

Minutes: Erik-Jan Bos


Name                     Organization          E-mail address
-----------------------  --------------------  ---------------------------
Guy Almes                ANS                   [email protected]
Tony Bates               MCI                   [email protected]
Per Bilse                EUnet                 [email protected]
Stan Bornski             InterNIC              [email protected]
Erik-Jan Bos             SURFnet               [email protected]
Scott Bradner            IESG/Ops AD           [email protected]
Al Broscius              Bellcore              [email protected]
Nevil Brownlee           Tuia                  [email protected]
Joe Burrescia            ESnet                 [email protected]
Randy Bush               YMBK, Inc             [email protected]
Brian Carpenter          CERN                  [email protected]
David Conrad             APNIC/IIJ             [email protected]
Sean Doran               Sprint                [email protected]
Havard Eidnes            NORDUnet              [email protected]
Steve Feldman            MFS Datanet           [email protected]
Vince Fuller             BBN Planet            [email protected]
Elise Gerich             Merit                 [email protected]
Frode Greisen            UNI-C/Ebone           [email protected]
Geert Jan de Groot       RIPE NCC              [email protected]
Phill Gross              MCI                   [email protected]
Tony Hain                ESnet                 [email protected]
Kim Hubbard              InterNIC              [email protected]
Jan-Olof Jemnemo         Telia Integration     [email protected]
Ola Johansson            Unisource Sweden      [email protected]
Marijke Kaat             SURFnet               [email protected]
Daniel Karrenberg        RIPE NCC              [email protected]
Akira Kato               WIDE                  [email protected]
Sean Kennedy             BBN Planet            [email protected]
Mark Kosters             InterNIC              [email protected]
Eliot Lear               SGI                   [email protected]
Peter Lothberg           Stupi                 [email protected]
Kaori Maeda              Hiroshima City Univ   [email protected]
Eric Malmstroem          Transpac Sweden       [email protected]
Bill Manning             ISI                   [email protected]
Keith Mitchell           Pipex                 [email protected]
Pushpendra Mohta         CERFnet               [email protected]
Yoshiko O Chong Fong     APNIC                 [email protected]
Yoshihiro Obata          KDD                   [email protected]
Andrew Partan            UUNET                 [email protected]
Michael Patton           BBN (DISA)            [email protected]
Marc Pichon              Transpac/RAIN         [email protected]
Jon Postel               ISI                   [email protected]
Barry Raveendran Greene  Singapore Telecom     [email protected]
Yakov Rekhter            Cisco                 [email protected]
Willem van der Scheun    SARA                  [email protected]
Kazuya Shimada           KDD                   [email protected]
Paul Vixie               CIX                   [email protected]
Ruediger Volk            Deutsche Telekom      [email protected]
Wilfried Woeber          VUCC/ACOnet           [email protected]

1. Welcome

2. Note taker

3. Brief review of regional operations groups





4. Requirements for Traffic monitoring

5. Update of post-current-ICM-contract connectivity

6. Update on European network situation

DANTE post-EMPB model -- representative from DANTE

Exchange points -- Erik-Jan Bos, Peter Lothberg

Ten34 and impact on production infrastructure

7. Status of the FIXes in the US

7.5 Asia-Pacific region Internet Exchange Points

(this item is put in as a bonus item, waiting for lunch, thanks David)

8. Charging models, settlements, costs. Political issues, engineering impact.

9. Dual-homing in a CIDR block

10. Strategies for maintaining correct information in routing registries

11. Status on what the Asia-Pacific region is doing for a routing registry

12. Update on the Class A address subnetting pilot

13. RFC 1466bis -- Updated guidelines for management of the Ipv4 address space.

14 AoB

--- End of Minutes