June 1996 IEPG Meeting

Location: Sheraton Centre, Montreal, Canada

Date: Sunday, 23 June 1996

Meeting Chair: Elise Gerich & Geoff Huston

Minutes: Geoff Huston & Henry Clark


Name                     Organization          E-mail address
-----------------------  --------------------  ---------------------------
Steven Bakker            DANTE                 [email protected]
Vincent Berkout          DANTE                 [email protected]
Suresh Bhogavilli        ISI                   [email protected]
Nevil Brownlee           Univ of Auckland      [email protected]
Brian Carpenter          CERN                  [email protected]
Chris Chaundy            Connect               [email protected]
Kilnam Chon              KAIST                 [email protected]
Kimberly Claffy          NLANR                 [email protected]
Henry Clark              BBN Planet            [email protected]
Steve Corbato            Univ Washington       [email protected]
John Curran              BBN Planet            [email protected]
Joanne Davis             Connect               [email protected]
Sean Doran               Sprint                [email protected]
Havard Eidnes            NORDUnet              [email protected]
Johnny Eriksson          EBONE                 [email protected]
Peter Ford               MCI                   [email protected]
Vince Fuller             BBN Planet            [email protected]
Elise Gerich             Merit                 [email protected]
Barry Greene             SingTel               [email protected]
Frode Greisen            EBONE                 [email protected]
Craig Haney              Condo Consulting      [email protected]
John Hawkinson           BBN Planet            [email protected]
Kim Hubbard              Network Solutions     [email protected]
Geoff Huston             Telstra               [email protected]
Hugh Irvine              Connect               [email protected]
Marijke Kaat             SURFnet               [email protected]
Tamotsu Kanoh            KDD                   [email protected]
Akira Kato               WIDE Project          [email protected]
Sean Kennedy             BBN PLanet            [email protected]
Ed Kern                  Digex                 [email protected]
Dorian Kim               CICNet                [email protected]
Mark Kosters             Network Solutions     [email protected]
Hock-Koon Lim            Pacific Internet      [email protected]
Lars-Johan Liman         Ebone NOC             [email protected]
Peter Lothberg           STUPI                 [email protected]
Bill Manning             ISI                   [email protected]
Jun Matsukata            NACSIS                [email protected]
Keith Mitchell           Linx                  [email protected]
Tracie Monk              DynCorp/FNC           [email protected]
Yasumori Motonaga        KDD                   [email protected]
Mike O'Dell              UUNET                 [email protected]
Carol Orange             RIPE NCC              orange@ripe,net
Michael Patton           BBN                   [email protected]
Dave Pokorney            Univ of Florida       [email protected]
Jon Postel               ISI                   [email protected]
Laina Raveendran         GETIT                 [email protected]
Bernhard Stockman        Telia                 [email protected]
Duane Wessels            SDSC                  [email protected]
Bill Woodcock            Zocalo                [email protected]
David Woodgate           Telstra               [email protected]
Lixia Zhang              UCLA                  [email protected]

The agenda was distributed prior to the meeting following a request for items.

DNS Root Name Server Deployment

Global Caching Hierarchy

Traffic Flow Analysis

Settlement Metrics

BGP Route Flap Damping

Stockholm Exchange - D-GIX II

IEPG Role and Charter

Next Meeting

--- End of Minutes